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I’m trying to sleep but it evades me– so I decided to do a writing practice and hitched back to @dailyposts. I used to check them every now and then and possibly do in the future attempt their 365/6 wordpress updating (which is blog goals I might say)– but life happened.

So, as if Inktober, a couple of events and RL isn’t enough to occupy my time, I’ll try to meet their daily post prompts. Whenever.

Because much as I’d like to promise a full set, my creative juice can die out *sighs*.

So, October first and they bring me the theme Popular. See this post for reference.

If you say such a word to me, I’ll immediately be filled of thoughts of mainstream, current events, pop culture highlights and in general, fame or infamy.

A blessing and a curse of being well-known and being unable to fade into anonymity.

It sounds mainly like hard work, and a load of glacier understanding– under the smooth sail of a good reputation is a lot of effort, tears, blood and support.

As one rises, they climb up more people– and to reach a dream, you trample others. Some turns their back against their promises upon reaching a pedestal none can reach– and they live and die with that place above people’s heads.

Some looks back and shares their light with people– and in turn they make others rise, until they find a worthy successor who would continue the same task.

Is it worth it? Maybe? Maybe not? No one can ever truly tell.


And to be honest, I could hardly care less. I agree that people crave recognition and interaction and it’s nice to be recognized for your hard work.

But I will always love the peace and stability of being satisfied with where I am, popular or otherwise.


MAJOR NOTE: If you are popular, good for you. Not? Still okay. You’re worthy on whatever social status you are, just be a decent human being. I’m not dissing anyone popular or otherwise, and I’m saying that already just in case.

PS. It’s 11:39 and i’m still a lazy person that won’t review this. Maybe tomorrow? Ciao.



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