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[Inktober] Prompt 31 – Mask

It’s the last for this month. Thank you for watching me over this journey.

For the prompt Mask, I’ll admit it took me three drafts before finding what I wanted to portray. The image struck me as unique, and one I’d like to end this month with.

This is the Philippine Folktale/ Mythology of Bakunawathe Dragon-Serpent Deity that wants to eat the (Sun, but mainly the) Moon and Haliya, his arch-nemesis, the Masked Goddess of Moonlight.

Prompt 31 – Mask

Originally the world had 7 moons, but Bakunawa rose from the seas to swallow them one by one. Haliya, who loved to dip in the seas every now and then, prevented him from eating the last Moon by using loud noises.

Yep, it was used in the past to explain the eclipses.

For more details, hit these sites:

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Step by Step:

31 WIP
Step by Step: Haliya and Bakunawa

So- this month is finished. Thank you for everything.

ALSO. AGAIN. Happy Halloween everyone!



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